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Confused about the terminology?  We hope this Nutritional Glossary unravels the technical terms and ingredient descriptions for you...

To start with, some interesting information regarding The Heart Foundation Tick.   

What does the Tick on food mean?

A Tick approved food means it is a healthier choice when compared to similar foods. 

What is the goal of the Heart Foundation Tick?

The Tick is the Heart Foundation's guide to help people make healthier food choices quickly and easily. It also encourages food manufacturers and food outlets to develop or modify products and meals to  meet the Heart Foundation's nutrition standards. In general, Tick approved foods and meals have met strict standards for saturated fat, trans fat, salt and where appropriate, kilojoules and fibre, and with meals the  servingsize is also monitored.

How do companies earn the Tick?

All foods, without exception, must meet the Heart Foundation’s strict standards. Food companies or outlets must have their foods or meals independently analysed to ensure they meet the nutrient criteria before they can use the Tick on their foods. If a product fails to meet the standards, it cannot enter the Program. The Heart Foundation may work with the food manufacturer or food outlet to improve the nutritional profile of that product or meal, so that it can reapply to the Tick Program.

To obtain The Heart Foundation Tick, there are a number of different requirements that our products must meet, and each different type of product, has different requirements.

Ready Meals must meet all of the following requirements:


  • Energy value: <2,200kJ per  serve or less
  • Sodium: <300mg per 100g and <750mg per serve
  • Saturated fat: <2g per 100g and <6g per serve
  • Trans fat: <0.2g per 100g
  • Protein: > 5g per serve
  • Dietary fibre: >3.0g per serve or must have > 1 serve of vegetables (75g).


Pizza must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Saturated Fat:  4g/100g or less
  • Sodium:  350mg/100g or less; and 900mg/serve or less
  • Vegetables/fibre:  If one serve contains less than 75g vegetables or less than 2g fibre, then the label must include a statement advising to ‘eat with vegetables or salad if eaten as a main meal’


Potato must meet all of the following requirements

  • Energy 650kJ/100g or less, and 650kJ/serve or less
  • Saturated Fat:  1.5g/100g or less
  • Sodium:  120mg/100g or less


What does it all mean?

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